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Creation of 10 Motion Design Videos for Product Showcase

Amanj Ali

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We are seeking a skilled motion designer to create 10 motion design videos, each 10 seconds long, to showcase our products. The videos will be used on our social media platforms, to enhance product visibility and engagement. Requirements: 1. Create 10 motion design videos, each 10 seconds long. 2. Ensure each video effectively showcases a product. 3. Be open to feedback and make necessary changes to ensure the videos fit our project requirements. 4. Deliver the videos in high quality, suitable for online platforms. Payment Milestones: 1. First Payment (20%): Upon assignment of the task. 2. Second Payment (40%): After delivering and approving 5 motion design videos. 3. Third Payment (40%): After delivering and approving all 10 motion design videos. Responsibilities: • Develop creative concepts and execute motion design videos. • Collaborate with our team to ensure the videos meet our brand standards and project goals. • Accept and incorporate feedback to refine the videos. Application Requirements: • Portfolio showcasing previous motion design work. • Proven experience in creating short, impactful videos. • Ability to meet deadlines and work within the payment structure outlined.
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Amanj Ali
Tech Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, I have dedicated my career to fostering business growth in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. My focus in recent years has been on developing innovative products and services tailored to local needs. My latest venture, Job Studio, is a freelancing platform designed specifically for the Iraqi market. Through Job Studio, I've enabled local businesses to efficiently connect with top talent nationwide, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

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400,000 IQD


10 Days


منذ شهر واحد



Milestone Payment


Adobe Premiere
Adobe After effect
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Understanding Color
Motion Design
Time Management

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