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Nvar Sabir

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Task Description: Content Creation for Online Business Tips Objective: Seeking a skilled content creator to design four visually appealing graphics with valuable hints and tips for starting an online business. Content will be shared on Instagram and LinkedIn. Project timeline: 5 days, with daily updates. Key Points: - Create eye-catching graphics. - Focus on branding, marketing, e-commerce, and customer engagement. Content: - Provide practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. - Customize designs for Instagram and LinkedIn. - Share progress and seek feedback. - Submit completed designs within 5 days. - Maintain open communication.
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Nvar Sabir
Content Creator

Innovative and driven content creator with 4 years of experience in the digital landscape. A proven track record of producing dynamic and engaging content across various platforms, with a flair for storytelling and a strategic approach to content marketing.

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50,000 IQD


5 Days


منذ ١٢ يومًا



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