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Kurda Mahmud

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I need a skilled grant writer to create a compelling 4-page proposal for my small business to secure funding from an NGO. The proposal will be tailored to the specific guidelines and requirements of the NGO's grant program. Project Scope: Research: Thoroughly research the NGO, its mission, values, and funding priorities to ensure alignment with our business goals. Proposal Outline: Develop a clear and concise outline that addresses all required sections of the grant application. Compelling Narrative: Craft a persuasive narrative that highlights our business's impact, growth potential, and how it aligns with the NGO's objectives. Financial Projections: Develop realistic financial projections demonstrating the sustainability and potential return on investment of our project. Editing and Proofreading: Ensure the final proposal is error-free, polished, and persuasive. Ideal Candidate: Experienced Grant Writer: Proven track record of writing successful grant proposals for small businesses or NGOs. Strong Research Skills: Ability to gather and synthesize relevant information about the NGO and its funding priorities. Excellent Writing Skills: Ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely in a compelling way. Financial Acumen: Understanding of basic financial concepts and ability to create realistic financial projections. Quick Turnaround: Ability to deliver a high-quality proposal within a tight deadline. Deliverables: A 4-page grant proposal tailored to the specific NGO and grant program. A summary of the proposal's key points (optional). Additional Information: I will provide background information about my business and the specific NGO grant program upon project award. Please include samples of your previous grant writing work and your proposed rate for this project. I look forward to your proposals!
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Kurda Mahmud
Marketing Manager

I'm a results-driven marketer with 4 years of experience crafting and executing successful campaigns. I combine creativity with data analysis to develop comprehensive marketing strategies, manage digital campaigns across various channels, create compelling content, and optimize performance for continuous growth.

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6 Days


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